Apple cider vinegar: its benefits and the right way to eat it

Apple cider vinegar: its benefits and the right way to eat it

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar: its benefits and the right way to eat it

Apple cider vinegar is a vinegar made from fermented cider and is used in salad dressings, pickles, food preservatives, and sauces. It is made by crushing apples, then squeezing juice.

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar comes from apples that have been crushed, distilled, and fermented. It can be consumed in small quantities or taken as a dietary supplement

Its high levels of acetic acid, or possibly other compounds, may be responsible for its supposed health benefits. Although the recommendations for "dosing" vary, most are in the range of 1-2 teaspoons before or with meals.

What makes apple cider vinegar famous?

It showed strong weight loss results, making the drink very common. It also helps treat many problems such as type 2 diabetes, eczema, and high cholesterol.

People prefer to have a drink at different times of the day. Here in this article, we'll tell you what time it is to drink this magic drink.

How does apple cider vinegar help the human body?

  • For thousands of years, vinegar-containing compounds have been used for their supposed therapeutic properties. It was used to improve strength, detoxification, and even as a treatment for scurvy.

  • A number of studies suggest that vinegar may prevent high blood sugar in people with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes by preventing starch absorption.

The time to drink apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar: its benefits and the right way to eat it

You must have come across different information that claims to drink it at night better or why drinking it in the morning is better. But the truth is that there is still no scientific evidence to prove that drinking it at one time is better than the other.

How to use apple cider vinegar to slim down?

  1. Never consume vinegar as it is; instead, dilute it in water to make sure you don't consume a large amount of acid.
  2. The ideal dose is 15 ml or 1 tablespoon for its potential health benefits.
  3. You can use it as an olive oil salad sauce to promote sustainable weight loss.
  4. It is best to distribute consumption in two to three doses during the day and preferably drink apple cider vinegar before meals.
  5. While the occasional use of apple vinegar may be safe, excessive use may reflect good effects because apple cider vinegar is highly acidic. Your throat may irritate if you have been consumed in large quantities.

How to drink apple cider vinegar in the morning

If you have indigestion, you can try taking it in the morning. It is said that eating it in the morning can help you fight bloating and gases. But the smell of apple cider vinegar can make one feel nauseous if you drink it first in the morning.

You can have a glass of water and add no more than one teaspoon of vinegar to it and notice how you feel after eating it.

Drink apple cider vinegar at night

Again, there are many differences between drinking vinegar before bed. Some experts believe that eating it at night can help lower blood sugar levels, while some claim it can improve your sleep if you consume it with hot water and honey.

It is also said that the presence of apple cider vinegar at night helps relieve any pain in the throat because it is inherently antibacterial. Therefore, if you are prone to tonsillitis, you may have found your best friend.

Drinking apple cider vinegar before bed also prevents you from breathing a bad smell in the morning.

Here are some apple cider vinegar benefits that make it great for weight loss:

Low-calorie drink

About 100 grams of apple cider vinegar contains about 22 calories, which means it's a low-calorie drink that can help increase weight loss. Adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drinking it in the morning may help burn belly fat.

Helps prevent fat build-up

According to the study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry, acetic acid (5) was found to inhibit fat accumulation in animal studies. Eating apple cider vinegar daily may be helpful in preventing metabolic syndrome by reducing obesity.

Helps you stay full for a long time

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar makes you feel full for longer, thus preventing you from overeating or craving to eat. This will help you eat fewer calories and result in actual kilograms lost on the scale.

Manages blood sugar levels

Studies suggest that apple cider vinegar helps stabilize blood sugar levels, especially after a carbohydrate-rich meal. Stable blood sugar levels are important for ensuring healthy and effective weight loss.

How much apple cider vinegar should one consume every day?

According to a 2016 study, drinking 15 milliliters or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is enough for a person to get their potential health benefits.

However, the exact amount depends on the condition in which someone tries to recover from the drink. You should talk to your doctor before adding vinegar to your usual diet because it may interact with certain medications.

Common mistakes people make while eating vinegar Drink it immediately after the meal:

Drinking it immediately after a meal can delay digestion. Therefore, it is best to eat it before eating or on an empty stomach to maximize its health benefits.


Inhaling this product can damage your lungs, so avoid inhaling it, which can cause a burning sensation in your lungs.

Take it without relief

It is very important to reduce vinegar before eating it. Its straight presence can damage your teeth and esophagus.


Drinking too much apple cider vinegar can be dangerous for your body. It can cause a burning sensation and can have many other side effects.

Paint on the skin

Applying vinegar directly to your skin can lead to burning. Therefore, avoid putting it on the skin.

Apple cider vinegar and honey recipe

Apple cider vinegar contributes to weight loss significantly and in record time and has therefore been used in many slimming recipes to take advantage of its many benefits.

Recipe ingredients

  • A teaspoon of apple vinegar. 
  • A teaspoon of white honey.
  •  A glass of warm water.

How to set up the recipe

  • Bring a cup of warm water and add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and a spoon of white bee honey.
  • Mix well and then eat the cup 15 minutes before each meal. 
  • Continue to eat the mixture three times a day in order to get rid of the weight quickly.


While apple cider vinegar supporters may claim that it has many benefits for weight loss and there are a few studies to prove its ability, it is suggested that this solution be drunk under the strict supervision of a health expert. 

Always consult a doctor or dietitian if you are considering taking it. Also, needless to say, you should be associated with a healthy diet and weight loss exercises.


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