Is your Thyroid contributing to your weight loss gain?

Is your Thyroid contributing to your weight loss gain?

 The thyroid. What is a function?

Is your Thyroid contributing to your weight loss gain?

The butterfly-shaped thyroid is the largest pure gland of the endocrine system. It is on the neck and usually contains parathyroids. It plays a major role in regulating metabolism and, as a result, has a large blood supply.

The thyroid is in front of the trachea, which is in the neck. It comprises two lateral lobes in the shape of butterfly wings. These lobes are connected by a mass of tissue called the isthmus.

Fresh blood is supplied to the thyroid gland by the massive superior and inferior thyroid arteries. The colloid is stored in the thyroid’s internal cavity.

The colloid is a golden, sticky liquid composed of thyroglobulin molecules that are attached to iodine. Iodine is collected and used by the thyroid gland, which is the only gland in the body that does so.

Does the thyroid gland contribute to your weight gain?

  • The thyroid gland is one of the largest glands, and it is in the neck's base. It is commonly referred to as Adam’s apple. This gland is directly responsible for how much time it takes for the body to use energy.
  • Science has just recently released a finding that has identified it as the cause of several conditions and weight issues. There are approximately over 25 million women and about 15 million men who suffer from a thyroid that does not function at a normal level.
  • According to data, women are ten times more likely than males to experience the difference, which is thought to be because of female hormones.
  • The origin of the word thyroid is from Greek, and it means, “shield”. It is a butterfly-shaped organ that is wrapped around the larynx and the trachea.
  • The thyroid has two winged-shaped sections on either side of the neck. On the right side, it is called the lobus dexter, and on the left side, it is called the lobus sinister.
  • As part of controlling the use of energy in the body, this gland also produces a couple of hormones that are very important to the body’s function.
  • Part of that process includes growth and development. Another hormone is tetra iodothyronine (T4). Both hormones help to regulate metabolism.
  • In fact, many times when there are issues concerning weight gain, the first thing to look at after overeating is the thyroid gland.
  • The body is an amazing functioning organism, and all of its hormones and organs communicate back and forth with each other. If, somewhere in the mix, that communication is broken, then imbalances appear.
  • A few conditions directly affect the weight issue. One condition is hypothyroidism, which is a decrease in the hormones needed to keep the metabolism balanced.
  • This crisis not only makes it difficult to lose weight, it also causes elevated cholesterol levels, and a higher chance of heart problems.
  • The thyroid can cause weight gain in three different ways. The metabolism, brain chemistry, and insulin resistance all play a part in how the body processes the hormones that are released.
  • A set point is what the metabolism usually has. What this means is at the set point, the metabolism maintains the bodyweight that is established, and it will burn off excess calories to help maintain that weight.
  • If it is constantly required to burn off excess calories over an extended period, it will slow down to reset the set point. By doing this, it will accommodate the new heavier weight.
  • In fact, the heavier weight will become the new set point. The brain chemistry releases hormones to send messages to the brain to show that it is full. When this occurs, serotonin is released.
  • This is the feel-good hormone. It tells the body that it has enough. If this process is altered, the individual may never feel full, even if they have eaten a lot.
  • Finally, the last thing that can affect increased weight gain is insulin resistance. One of the underlying reasons for insulin resistance is thyroid disease, and when insulin levels get too high, they produce hunger, especially for carbohydrates.
  • The best way to handle this is to eat a low carbohydrate and low-fat diet. The first thing to do is consult with a doctor. He or she can properly diagnose and determine if the thyroid is a contributing factor to weight gain.
  • Other things that can cause weight gain and the inability to lose it must be factored into the equation. Sometimes, it may appear that there is nothing wrong. However, upon a closer look, maybe the individual may indeed suffer from an underactive thyroid.

What is the thyroid solution diet?

  1. Today, the percent of overweight people in the United States alone is 69.2%. Because of the high percentage of overweight people, there are many diets out there promising weight loss.
  2. Your thyroid has a tremendous impact on your weight gain and loss. If you have a difficult time losing weight or if you have had trouble with your thyroid problems before, consider the Thyroid Solution Diet.
  3. Using other diets alone isn’t as effective as the Thyroid Solution Diet because the other diets do not help where the primary cause of weight control and loss comes from, which is your thyroid.
  4. Your thyroid is a gland that contains the parathyroid glands in your throat region near the voice box but above the collarbones. One of the primary responsibilities of the thyroid is to stimulate metabolism.
  5. Metabolism is the key to losing or gaining weight. Low metabolism can cause you to keep weight and make it seem near impossible to lose weight no matter how hard you try.
  6. Those with a high metabolism burn off calories much faster, causing them to lose weight with little exercise or they simply do not gain weight at all.
  7. The goal is to stimulate your metabolism to help burn off weight much more effectively. Of course, if you are diagnosed with a thyroid problem, this could be the problem.
  8. However, whether you have been diagnosed with thyroid disease or other problems or not, you can still have problems losing weight because of your thyroid.
  9. Even though the key to this diet is to improve the function of the thyroid gland, you won’t have to take any special medications. It gives you recipes and types of foods that you should eat to help with your thyroid to balance out the hormones to help increase weight loss.
  10. The reason you should eat only certain foods within the diet, such as low glycemic meals, is that it increases the amount of leptin in the body and low glycemic foods also have fewer sugars in them.
  11. When there are high levels in the bloodstream, the liver converts sugars and carbohydrates, which are both converted into fat and stored in the body.
  12. Increasing leptin is imperative to losing weight because it will lower the appetite for food, helping you lose weight without feeling hungry as often. Leptin is a hormone that tells the brain when it’s time to eat and how much to eat.
  13. Higher levels of leptin cause the body to read higher fat stored on the body and that is how and why you will have a lower appetite.
  14. This is a common reason most people gain weight or have trouble trying to lose it because of the feeling of appetite, even though your body may not actually be hungry.
  15. The Thyroid Solution Diet not only gives you a food and recipe guide, but an exercise guide that will take about thirty minutes a day.
  16. The combination of the exercise and food guidelines is the most recommended if you are wishing for the best results in weight loss, whereas using one method alone may not be as effective.
  17. You will also find plenty of descriptive pictures showing you the proper way to do the exercise to create the best results in your workouts, promoting both your health and weight loss.
  18. Exercising will stimulate your thyroid and the hormones that will stimulate your metabolism to burn fats from foods to be burned more rapidly. The less fat stored on your body by the thyroid, the less fat you will have to exercise to burn off later on.
  19. Detoxing your thyroid is another part of the Thyroid Solution Diet to increase weight loss. Having toxins in your thyroid can really decrease the overall health of your thyroid and the hormones controlled by the thyroid. Eating the suggested foods in the Thyroid Solution Diet can also help detox your thyroid to help you recover your health and rapidly lose weight.
  20. The foods that are suggested are high in proteins and fibers as well, which can help various parts of your body. The fibers in these suggested foods will help the health of your digestive tract and increase detoxing as well throughout your body because this is where leptin is used as well.
  21. There are some mentioned supplements to help with detoxing your body in the Thyroid Solution Diet. Another benefit to the Thyroid Solution Diet is there are some methods which are outlined that can help and may even prevent other types of thyroid problems that affect women that are going through menopause or men who have low testosterone levels.
  22. Since the thyroid controls hormones, menopause and testosterone levels are solved and caused in the thyroid as well. Of course, there are a variety of medications to help with some of these problems that could help with your thyroid.
  23. However, you could reduce these problems with the Thyroid Solution Diet, too. This method not only treats those problems, but could also help in the prevention of anyone from having these problems later in life.
  24. Since the release of the Thyroid Solution Diet, it has helped many people in their battle to lose weight without having to do any invasive surgery or taking medication that could cause side effects.
  25. Using this type of diet, anyone can find foods they love to eat while losing weight. Unlike medications, this can also be used long-term as well without causing health problems that other methods could cause.

The benefits of thyroid solution diet foods!

  • If you are frustrated by an inability to lose weight, feeling fatigued or blue, look into adding certain foods and avoiding others. The benefits of the Thyroid Solution Diet foods are many.
  • If you have been locked in an endless cycle of Yo-Yo diets or if you just want to have a healthier diet, the Thyroid Solution Diet offers some nutritious food options that can boost your immune system, balance your endocrine system, detox your body and help you lose weight all at the same time.
  • The Thyroid Solution Foods are based on a version of the Mediterranean diet and offer a variety of well-studied and medically proven health benefits. This type of diet has been clinically shown to balance essential hormones and increase longevity.
  • The diet, for instance, is high in protein. Proteins provide essential building blocks of amino acids and make you feel fuller, longer. Proteins naturally boost metabolism.
  • The diet also relies heavily on low glycemic index foods and foods that are high in fiber. By explanation, the glycemic index is based on a ranking system that shows how quickly (and how much) they raise blood sugar.
  • Low glycemic foods are foods that have been shown to have less of an effect on blood sugar than high glycemic foods. Low glycemic index foods are also known to digest more slowly in part because they are higher in fiber.
  • This also causes satiety (a feeling of satisfaction and fullness) as well as increasing bowel health.
  • Low glycemic index foods do not encourage weight gain how high glycemic foods do because they do not elicit a high of insulin response in the body.
  • Insulin has been given the nickname the “master hormone” because it plays so many roles in the body. Excess insulin can lead to serious, even life-threatening medical problems.
  • By using the aforementioned low glycemic index foods, the diet avoids having large spikes in insulin levels, as well as allowing for more balanced blood sugars.
  • Blood sugar problems can easily lead to adult-onset diabetes and also cause weight gain.
  • Beyond this, the recommended foods are also nutrient-dense foods (found in colorful fruits and vegetables) that are high in trace minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrient.
  • Phytonutrient are naturally occurring compounds that are essential for optimum health.
  • The diet also encourages the consumption of less fat in the long run. When fats are allowed, they are the healthier fats known to promote well-being.
  • A certain amount of fat is needed to sustain the body; fats are used by your body as an energy source.
  • While fats are essential for optimum health, some fats are superior to others.
  • Monounsaturated fats (and certain polyunsaturated fats) have been shown to decrease bad cholesterol and increase heart health, among other benefits.
  • The thyroid solution diet foods also promotes health by targeting the very hormonal issues that cause weight gain. For instance, two hormones, leptin, and ghrelin, influence the way food energy is used and or stored (as fat) in the body.
  • Leptin, in particular, signals the brain to reduce feelings of hunger and tells the body to burn excess fat. Ghrelin increases hunger and tells the body to store fat. Beyond all of this, the diet focuses on supporting a healthy thyroid as well.
  • The thyroid is part of the endocrine system and plays several critical roles in ongoing processes essential for health and well-being within your body. Good thyroid health is vital to maintaining your body’s ability to metabolize energy from the food you eat, brain and nerve development, regulating your body’s temperature, how the long bones develop, and how much calcium is in your blood.
  • It even plays a role in your energy level and your mood. Not to mention that if your thyroid is not working at optimum levels, you cannot lose that stubborn weight!
  • In fact, the thyroid is so important that it is involved in the support and regulation of pretty much every major system in your body. To do this, the thyroid releases carefully balanced hormones. The most important of these are known as T3 and T4.
  • Thyroid function can change over the course of our lives, which affects how much of these and other indispensable hormones are released. Thyroid problems are so common that they actually effect 26 million Americans.
  • The good news is that you can improve thyroid function by eating the foods on this diet.
  • The Thyroid Solution Diet provides a guide to healthy foods that your body can use to heal the underlying causes of weight gain and return your engine to running at optimal levels again.
  • The typical American diet simply does not go far in meeting the body’s complex nutritional requirements. Don’t blame yourself if you’re having trouble losing weight.
  • It has nothing to do with willpower. It’s all about providing your body with what it needs. Our bodies need whole, organic, and nutrient-dense foods in order to work properly and meet the demands of modern (stressful lives).
  • The Thyroid Solution Diet can explain how you can work with your body to end food cravings, improve your moods and help you live the healthy life that you deserve.


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