Banana Diet: Plan for Weight Loss

Banana Diet: Plan for Weight Loss

Need to urgently lose weight for some event, and all diets cause melancholy? 

Have you tried bananas to lose weight?

How is this possible? Bananas are high in calories. Still, at the same time, a diet on them is very effective due to the lack of hunger and the sufficient amount of valuable substances contained in a banana.

The banana diet is in demand among women. It helps to achieve visible results quickly. This diet lasts from three to seven days. Let's talk more about its features.

Banana Diet: Plan for Weight Loss

Benefits of the banana diet

  1. It is not known who exactly became the author of the banana diet. Some believe that it was invented by British nutritionist Jane Griffin.
  2. Others note that it was created by the Japanese Hitoshi Watanabe, who, together with his wife, a pharmacist, carefully studied medicine. From personal experience, he managed to lose 17 kilograms, using mostly bananas alone.
  3. The main plus is that during such a diet there is no feeling of hunger.
  4. In addition, it helps to remove toxins from the body, normalize bowel function and improve skin condition.
  5. The banana diet is prescribed for people with obesity, ulcers, hypoglycemia, gastritis, kidney and liver diseases, circulatory problems, and biliary tract diseases.
  6. The banana is especially valued for the presence of a large amount of potassium, which helps to actively remove fluid from our body, normalize blood pressure, and improve the supply of oxygen to the brain and heart function.
  7. In addition, bananas support the secretion in the stomach and promote the renewal of the walls of the epithelium.
  8. Eating bananas is useful for people with gastrointestinal and intestinal problems, as well as those prone to edema. Raw bananas can be eaten even by patients with stomach ulcers.

Banana diet contraindications

The banana diet is forbidden for diabetics because this fruit contains a large amount of sucrose.

It is not recommended to lose weight in this way for people after a stroke or heart attack.

It is also contraindicated in patients with varicose veins, bloating, indigestion, and increased gas formation.

Types of banana diet

Remember that before starting any diet, it is important to make a fasting day without fatty, fried, and smoked foods. Drink more water.

In this way, you will help your body to perceive the diet more easily. If you are ready, then here are some banana diet options for you.

Sparing banana diet

  • Six times a day, you should eat half a kilogram of bananas, and drink tea or water. Try not to eat anything three hours before bed.
  • This diet lasts from three days to a week. You will get approximately 1300 calories per day, which will be enough for the body.
  • If the diet lasts more than four days, then add boiled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, and cheese to your diet to make up for the protein deficiency.

Strict banana diet

It is allowed to consume no more than four bananas per day with plenty of mineral water. As a rule, it lasts no more than three days, during which you can throw off from four to five kilograms.

Milk banana diet

  • Such a diet is similar to a strict banana diet, where four fruits are eaten, but a liter of skim milk is allowed.
  • It can also be replaced with drinking yogurt. You can stay on this diet for up to ten days. You can drop up to four kilograms.
  • If you need to get in shape as quickly as possible, then within three to five days it is worth eating three bananas and drinking three glasses of low-fat milk or yogurt.


  • Few people drink milk, so it can be replaced with kefir. Eat three fruits per day (it is better to divide them into 6 servings) and 250 ml of one percent kefir.
  • You can even whip up a banana and kefir to make a smoothie, or just make a fruit salad.
  • Drink water and green tea. Such a diet will help to lose up to five extra pounds.
  • There is a more benign option. In this case, in addition to bananas and kefir, it is allowed to eat porridge cooked in water without sugar and oil, as well as lean-boiled meat.

Getting out of the diet

Do not abruptly start consuming everything after a diet. So you will quickly return the lost kilograms and cause stress to the body and stomach.

It is important to get out of the diet correctly. It is worth starting to eat fractionally.

Eat boiled, not fried. Add grains, fruits, and vegetables to your diet. Drink more fluids.

Try not to immediately attack the harmful: exclude fast food, sweets, and starchy foods. Introduce heavy foods into your diet gradually and in small amounts.

Spend more time outdoors, walk and move. Diets are not as effective without physical activity.

Good sleep is also important. Thus, you will stay in good shape and will not return the lost kilograms.


Banana smoothie

  • Peel one or two bananas cut them into small pieces and put them in a blender. Pour chilled low-calorie kefir there.
  • Beat everything until smooth. You can add mint for taste.
  • If you are not on a strict diet, then you can add a little honey.

Banana ice cream

  • You will need two bananas and 100 milliliters of almond or low-calorie milk. Peel and cut into slices and freeze them briefly.
  • Then take them out of the freezer and put them in a blender. Pour milk in there. Beat until smooth. You can add nuts.
  • Pour into molds and send to the freezer. After freezing, they can be consumed!

Banana parfait

  • For this recipe, you need to take two to three bananas, cottage cheese (300 grams), sour cream (1/2 cup), and cinnamon (1 teaspoon).
  • Beat the peeled bananas, cottage cheese, and sour cream with a blender until smooth. Add cinnamon, mix and pour into molds. Then freeze them.

Lassi with banana

  • Cool and nutritious drinks will satisfy hunger and thirst. For this recipe, you will need one banana, fat-free yogurt (200 grams), water (50 grams), nutmeg, honey (optional), and ice.
  • Grind a banana in a blender, adding yogurt, water, and a pinch of nutmeg. Pour the mixture into glasses and serve over ice.


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