How to lose belly fat: Check out 8 Simple Tips

How to lose belly fat: Check out 8 Simple Tips

How to lose belly fat: Check out 8 Simple Tips

How to lose belly fat: Check out 8 Simple Tips

The dream of almost all women on earth is to slim their belly and show it well defined, however, the difficulty in obtaining this result is usually high and many women give up on this goal in the middle of the way.

However, there are easier and simpler ways to slim your belly quickly, these can be divided into 8 simple tips to slim your belly:

1) Moderate Physical Exercise

  • If you don't move, start doing some kind of physical exercise - however light it may be.
  • To lose belly fat, exercise is as important as food and helps release hormones, burn calories, tone the muscles and release stress.
  • It also increases blood circulation and aids digestion for those who have an enlarged belly or digestive problems.
  • In the first week that you exercise, it doesn't really matter what modality, as long as you get the blood pumping. Running, playing soccer, swimming, walking, anything goes.

2) Take care of your intestinal tract

  • To lose weight quickly, it is important to control your intestines; since it plays a fundamental role in health.
  • When digestion works properly and nutrients are properly assimilated, your immune system is stronger, fat loss is automatic, muscle growth tones the body, and the quality of life increases.
  • Have one or two yogurts a day; rich in live lactobacilli. Foods rich in fiber like vegetables and greens are a good way to give the digestive system a boost, so you eliminate constipation and strengthen the intestinal flora to improve the absorption of nutrients.

3) Drink water in a controlled way

  • You should distribute your water intake throughout the day. The ideal is to drink about a liter and a half of water a day, more if you do sport or live in a hot climate.
  • To help yourself with the goal of slimming your belly, you should dose your water intake throughout the day.
  • The ideal is to have a glass when you wake up, one or two in the morning, a glass before lunch, two glasses in the afternoon, a glass before dinner, and a glass before going to bed.

4) Eliminate gas

  • It is very important to slim the belly to normalize digestion and eliminate gas from the intestine. The digestive system is prepared to eliminate gases without pain and suffering.
  • Despite this, stress, poor digestion, intolerance, or allergy to some foods can harm the digestive system, causing the stomach and intestines to swell and begin to tend to dilate and accumulate waste and fat in the abdominal region.

5) Opt for Whole Foods

  • Prefer pasta, cookies, cereals, and wholemeal bread that will help you to slim down your belly. White or refined flour is low in fiber and nutrients and can cause abdominal bloating.
  • In addition to whole foods being more complete, it fills the stomach more and has fewer calories.
  • So you end up eating a smaller amount and with fewer calories.

6) Less Salt and More Spices and Lemon

  • Try spending a week drastically reducing the amount of salt in your food and you, aside from slimming your belly, will feel better. Salt causes cells to swell with water retention to dilute excess sodium.
  • This is called fluid retention. Try to season your recipes with spices, a little salt, and lemon juice.

7) Take Digestive Teas

An infusion with certain types of the herb can help digestion and slim the belly. One of the best-known teas for this purpose is awning tea, but you can also try others such as mint, dandelion, etc.

8) Eat Slowly

When you eat too fast, you end up eating more food. Eating at a normal speed and chewing your food well helps with digestion and portion control.


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