is Juvederm expensive

is Juvederm expensive

1 syringe of Juvederm in lips cost

is Juvederm expensive

As people age, their skin loses hyaluronic acid. This is a process that is gets sped up if an individual spends good time in remaining exposed to the sun.

these days, Juvederm is being used on a very wide scale by people who lose skin elasticity and suffer from several skin problems.

Juvederm is basically a smooth injectable gel which helps to restore the volume of the skin. It helps in smoothening away facial folds and wrinkles, including the ones which are highly visible near the nose, on the forehead, and the mouth.

US FDA-approved treatment for mild-to-moderate facial creases. Injections of Juvederm are mainly used for smoothening out plump lips, face wrinkles and even for treating acne scars.

It is one of the best options used for reducing lines on the brow and the forehead, plumping eyebrows, enhancing jawline and cheek volume, filling in under eye hollows, reducing wrinkles appearing on hands, and softening scars.

There are several things that you must know about this treatment prior to using it for your fine lines and wrinkles.

The Basic Idea about Juvederm

  • Juvederm is a kind of treatment which is offered in various formulations like Ultra Plus and Ultra.
  • Juvederm Ultra is a version from highly linked HA or Hyaluronic acid filler from Allergan, which competes with Restylane.
  • Juvederm Ultra is used for filling superficial lines with a capacity of lasting from eight to twelve months. The most common side effects of this treatment include bruising, swelling, bumps and lumps appearing post injection.
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus is stickier and thicker compared to Juvederm Ultra and might render some additional volumes in areas that are in requirement.
  • Juvederm Cost is highly variable. In some areas, the treatment costs between $500 and $650 a syringe. The price of Juvederm Ultra is $595 per 8cc overfilled syringe.
  • The price of Juvederm Ultra Plus is $625 per 8 cc overfilled syringe. You can get discounts if you try purchasing multiple syringes at one time. It is to be noted that in Utah, Juvederm might cause something between $620 and $700 for 8 cc syringe.

What does Juvederm Treat?

is Juvederm expensive

  1. Juvederm contains hyaluronic acid- a sugar that occurs naturally. Hyaluronic acid possesses the unique and remarkable property of getting bound to water.
  2. The acid easily attracts water and in this way it helps to plump the skin, smoothing and filling out surface wrinkles.
  3. Apart from this, it also helps in replacing the softness of fatty tissue that people lose as they begin with their ageing procedure.
  4. this is also done for the skin that gets damaged because of the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

The Treatment

  • Treatment sessions that include the use of Juvederm injections take just fifteen minutes.
  • Juvederm is easily injected into the area that requires treatment and this is done by the use of a needle that is extremely fine.
  • There is minimal discomfort experienced by the person who is being treated. In most cases, physicians numb the skin that needs treatment. This is done by the use of topical anesthesia.
  • There is no pre-treatment allergy testing required. This is because Juvederm does not contain animal-derived ingredients that cause allergies on some people. The treatment is 100% biodegradable.

The Average Cost of Juvederm

  1. There are several factors that influence the cost of Juvederm. These factors include the individual provider and also the market value of this service depending on the city that it is being purchased in.
  2. The average cost of this treatment or injection is reasonable, specifically when it is compared to extra engaging procedures like plastic surgeries. The syringes of Juvederm are available in different sizes for treating different areas of an individual’s face.
  3. Here, it is to be noted that smaller areas will always require less of this product. This can be explained through some examples. Your dermatologist might require only one or two Juvederm syringes for treating smile lines near the lips. This would cost around $500 to $700 per syringe.
  4. Less expensive and smaller syringes are required for treating finer lines like the ones found near the lip line. You can easily determine the average cost of Juvederm in your area by contacting over two dermatologists to discuss the price of this treatment.

Comparing the Price of Juvederm and other fillers

  • The average cost of Juvederm and the cost of other fillers like Restylane are almost similar.
  • The US FDA has recently approved Juvederm, which is the same as Restylane. The competition that exists between these two products is something that helps in keeping the prices comparable.
  • It should be noted that the price of Juvederm is less compared to Restylane based on the place where you are getting the treatment.
  • In most cases, the costs for both the products are the same. A point that is worth noting further is that prices of all Hyaluronic acid fillers available in the market are almost the same. The filler called.
  • Disease lasts even longer compared to Juvederm, and this is the reason it is expensive. The product costs around $1000 per syringe.

Financing Options for Juvederm

The insurance plans of an individual do not cover Juvederm Cost because Juvederm and various other hyaluronic fillers are elective cosmetic processes.

Most plastic surgeons and dermatologists have certain financing plans available for their patients.

The financing plans are easily available as credit or payment plans are available through financing options. Lack of floating or immediate finances should never prevent an individual from getting the advantages of Juvederm.

Besides this, it must be noted that Juvederm cost might come as a tax deductible medical expense for most patients.

Juvederm Side Effects

  • Although Juvederm is the number one filler product in the United States, as with all treatments of this type, there is the possibility of side effects. It is important to understand what these may be, and the potential of it occurring to you.
  • The two major Juvederm products include Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus.
  • Juvederm Ultra is a more broadly applicable product and can be used in a range of treatment types.
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus is more robust, and more specific to cases of deeper skin creasing and lines. Both will effectively plump the skin cells and give a more youthful appearance.
  • Potential side effects include redness around the area of treatment, bumpiness, and slight bruising. However, these are all transient effects.
  • Redness can occur because of skin cell agitation from the treatment, which will increase blood flow to the area. This gives the reddish appearance.
  • However, as time goes on, your body will become used to the Juvederm treatment, and will stabilize to your regular skin-tone.
  • Bumpiness around the treatment area is simply a result of the filler product settling around the cellular structure. Keep in mind this “bumpiness” is only small Juvederm treatments will never result in significant imbalances. Again, this effect will disappear with time.
  • You may finally experience slight bruising around the area. Bruising results from tissue pressure from the treatment and is a natural bodily response.
  • We have all experienced bruising in our lives, and this instance is no different! With time and care for the treatment area, the bruising will disappear.
  • Again, these potential effects are transient conditions, and will not be a problem for any significant amount of time, if you experience them at all.


The best method for investigating cost options is by calling your local dermatologists that provide the service, and comparing each price.

These filler options are becoming more and more cost-effective, and are significantly less expensive than plastic surgery options.

Many dermatologists will provide financing options to make treatments even more accessible, and assist customers in easily affording what they need.


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