How much weight can you lose on fat burners?

Fat Burner - Certain enzymes and substances stimulate fat burning

How much weight can you lose on fat burners?

One of the trending words that spent months on the covers of many magazines and as a diet promising that you can lose weight without going hungry if you only eat the right things, as some enzymes promote fat loss.

The term was most often found in connection with exotic fruits whose ingredients are said to act as fat burners, in particular the pineapple diet, also marketed as the "Hollywood Stars Diet", achieved questionable fame.

This mono-diet is certainly anything but healthy, as one might think from the vitamin content of the fruit - on the one hand, the vitamins cannot be used by the body without fat, and on the other hand, the pineapple does not contain all the necessary vitamins and certainly no necessary minerals.

Aside from losing weight quickly, for sure, since the fruit contains almost no calories, you will certainly gain weight again quickly, since the body's metabolism drops to zero levels and cannot be restarted quickly enough after the 1-week regimen, to utilize the calories of a normal meal.

Others of these types of diets rely on certain types of tea, which are said to increase the body's fat-burning process, and which you simply consume alongside your usual food.

How much weight can you lose on fat burners?

On the one hand, it can be said about such concepts that obesity is almost always due to a diet that is too rich in fat and unbalanced; actually hormonally related, so that, for example, the body's fat utilization is limited, only 1% of all overweight people are overweight.

So if you eat cream cake or breaded schnitzel every day without changing your wrong eating habits, you will certainly not lose weight from such substances, especially since their effect has not been scientifically proven and cannot be explained logically.

Finally, most of these diets claim to work with enzymes that are supposed to be found in very specific foods - however, there is no way enzymes can speed up fat breakdown or prevent fat absorption, since this happens mainly in the intestines, but enzymes already do so in the stomach through gastric acid be digested and do not even reach the intestines.

Some fat burner diets even rely on the growth hormone somatotropin as a slimming agent, which is increasingly released when you sleep and uses up fat reserves.

That's true, but it only works with children and adolescents, where you know the typical picture of the first putting on some fat, which is then consumed during the growth process.

In adults, this hormone is no longer of any importance for burning fat, even if it is released during sleep. But it also sounds a bit too dreamy to really lose weight in your sleep.


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