Why People can't stick to weight-loss

Why People can't stick to weight-loss

Why People can't stick to weight-loss resolutions and how to combat that

Why People can't stick to weight-loss resolutions and how to combat that

Almost everyone has a decision on the occasion of losing weight and how to combat it.

This is usually something they may have tried before and didn't work.

One of the most important and common mission decisions is to lose weight.

The reason this is important is that there has been a lot of public awareness about the dangers of being overweight.

Obesity the medical term for obesity is obesity which refers to a condition in which the body accumulates enough fat to be a health hazard.

These risks are not exaggerated. More than 400,000 people die each year from obesity-related problems, not to mention the billions of dollars spent each year in lost business when employees have to miss work due to obesity-related doctor visits.

Why can't I stick to my weight loss goals?

  • People gain weight in different ways and there is an overwhelming consensus that the main reasons why people become overweight are because of indulging in high-calorie diets, lack of exercise, or genetic issues that are compounded by the previous two points.
  • In today’s society, people are under tremendous pressure and they have no time to eat right or to exercise.
  • This means the other alternative to eating is to go to fast-food restaurants whose food is usually high in cholesterol.
  • It is no longer unusual to see entire families eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at fast-food restaurants because they simply have no time to go grocery shopping or cook a wholesome meal.
  • The same people also do not allocate enough time for exercise and this is also because of the same reason-pressure from a society that demands everything from its people.

Why do weight loss resolutions fail?

  1. One of the ways people do not stick with their weight loss resolutions is because of time.
  2. As we have mentioned earlier, today’s society demands a lot from its people.
  3. People are working two or three jobs just to make ends meet, go to school and in many cases also have families to take care of.
  4. These people come home too tired to exercise or even think of preparing a healthy balanced meal.
  5. For many, restaurants that serve take-away are their only option to eat.
  6. Fast food is known to not only be addictive but also has a very high level of cholesterol.

Weight-loss resolutions

  • Another reason why people also fail to keep their weight loss resolutions is that they do not have a disciplined lifestyle.
  • Discipline is required in order to attain whatever resolution one has. When it comes to exercise, for instance, one cannot approach it half-heartedly.
  • There has to be a routine and there has to be diligence. Sometimes this involves getting an accountability partner.
  • A good partner would be someone who wants you to succeed and keeps you on your toes so that you do not relapse into the old habits which were counter-productive.
  • You can also join a weight loss club. There are many of these in each city and you can simply go online and you will find one.


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