10 Ways to Control Your Eating for weight loss

10 Ways to Control Your Eating for weight loss

Diet and Weight loss Management: 10 Ways to Control Your Eating

10 Ways to Control Your Eating for weight loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, your biggest obstacle might not be the diet you choose or how many calories you burn at the gym it could be your eating habits.

Dieting and exercising are easy if you can control yourself when it comes to food; so, for weight loss success, learn how to control your eating habits by choosing from these seven strategies.

What does controlling your eating habits mean for weight loss?

  • Weight loss is a key component of controlling your eating habits.
  • If you don’t control what you eat, weight loss will be very difficult to achieve, if not impossible.
  • To lose weight safely and quickly, you need to manage calories in your diet through regular exercise, nutritional knowledge, and healthy meal planning.
  • You've probably heard that it's a bad idea to go grocery shopping while you're hungry. 
  • As a last precaution, you may want to swish a piece of sugar-free gum into your mouth before you begin your shopping spree. 
  • According to two studies, chewing gum reduces hunger and junk food cravings. More consumers purchased veggies instead of high-calorie snacks like chips as a consequence of this campaign.

How to control your eating urges

Hunger control is a big factor in healthy weight loss. Unfortunately, many of us think we’re being mindful when we’re actually eating more than our body really needs. 

The first step in controlling your eating habits is recognizing those situations when you eat out of habit or boredom, not hunger. If you learn to recognize these cues for what they are instead of physical hunger you’ll be less likely to cave into their demands.

My appetite is out of control

  1. Too much food tempts us at every turn, but resisting temptation is crucial if you want to control your eating habits. Before you know it, hunger can take over and you’re having that third helping of mashed potatoes even though dinner was just a few hours ago. 
  2. To avoid mindless snacking, stick with small portions throughout your day. Bring healthy snacks like vegetables, nuts, or fruit instead of high-calorie sweets that are hard to resist. Lastly, choose whole foods over processed ones as much as possible; processed foods are packed with extra calories from added sugar and fat that lead to weight gain and digestive problems.

How to maintain a diet for weight loss

Maintaining a diet is just as important as losing weight, if not more so. And maintaining your diet doesn’t have to be complicated; instead of focusing on numbers or restrictions, just make sure you’re eating in a way that works with your schedule and lifestyle. Focus on healthier foods that you enjoy, and remember that it takes time and consistency to lose weight it isn’t going to happen overnight.

10 tips that can help with weight loss by controlling your eating habits

Chew Gum in the Grocery Store

Chewing gum might be an old trick, but it’s still very effective at helping you control your eating habits. In fact, chewing gum has been proven to suppress hunger, which means you eat less and thus drop weight faster than before. To make sure you chew properly, it’s a good idea to buy sugar-free gum like Trident. It can help fight cavities without affecting your weight loss efforts in any way.

Eat the Healthiest Foods First

Choose the healthiest foods first on your plate, whether you're eating at home or in a cafeteria line. The research found that buffet-goers prefer to eat more of the first few items they encounter. So, before you start stacking things on your plate, stop and consider your options. Before serving fatty meats and sides, provide vegetables or healthy grains.

I'll Pay for Your Lunch

When you pay with a credit or debit card, it's easy to purchase junk food and sweets. When it comes to giving up cash, there's a pause. High students were shown to think twice about purchasing sugary treats like cookies when forced to pay with cash, according to a study.

I'm not going to watch any more cooking shows on TV now.

As a dieter, you may be tempted to munch when you see food on television. When dieters watch food-related programs, they consume more sweets compared to those who don't, according to a new study.

The Blue Plates I'll Be Using

Even if you don't believe it, the color of your plates could have an impact on how much food you consume. Research reveals that you are more likely to consume food if it is presented on a plate that matches the color scheme. Consider utilizing plates of a different color instead of the standard white ones.

Use Bowls and Plates That Aren't As Big

It's important to remember that the size of your plates and cutlery tells your brain how much food you're intended to consume. Chinese buffet patrons who received huge plates served themselves and ate 45 percent more food than those who received smaller dishes, according to one research.

Before giving in to a craving, use the pause button

When you eat out of boredom, exhaustion, or tension, you run the risk of losing control over your eating. When you feel the want to snack, do anything else for five to ten minutes before deciding whether or not you still want to eat. Most likely, the need has subsided somewhat.

Stay Away from Unhealthy Snacks

Keep junk food out of sight by hiding it in places where you won't notice it. Consume less food. Workers who kept chocolates on their desks ate 48% more candy than those who kept the treats six feet away from their workstations. They ate 25% less chocolate if it was in their desk drawers rather than on their desks.

Always choose the "Small" option.

It's easy to be swayed into eating more food, even when you're already full or the meal doesn't taste very good. Popcorn in medium and big tubs, some freshly made and delicious, others stale, were presented to moviegoers in one research. 

Moreover half (45%) of individuals who received fresh food in big containers ate more than those who received medium-sized tubs of it. If you get stale popcorn in huge containers, you'll consume 33% more than those who get it in medium-sized receptacles.

Consume Your Food Slowly and Stay Hydrated

Eat more slowly. Slowly savor each bite of food that you take in. Wait a little longer between bites. Also, stay hydrated by sipping water during your meal. These easy actions are essential if you want to lose weight and yet feel full, according to a recent study.


Don't let anyone tell you that you can’t control your eating habits. You have total control over what goes into your mouth and can make better decisions about when and how much you eat. 

With some simple adjustments in your daily routine, though, controlling your eating habits is easier than ever. Use these 10 tips to control eating habits so you can stay healthy and trim.


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